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Written by only 5 times Danny   
Thursday, 13 January 2011

Defeat to Blackpool at Bloomfield Road on Wednesday night was yet another downward turn in the fortunes of modern day Liverpool FC.

A display that was, though up there with one of the best away performances of the season so far, dire, will do little but intensify the growing feeling that Liverpool are going nowhere fast. As Torres, Reina, Lucas and co. headed down the tunnel their expression bore uncanny resemblance to the ones they exited with at Tottenham Hotspurs, Wigan Athletic, Newcastle United and the likes. 

The squad we currently posses lacks the sparkle it has been brimming with in recent years. In Istanbul, sheer determination took us to our 5th European Cup. The following year, while being beaten by West Ham in Cardiff, Steven Gerrard took the game by the scruff of the neck and stood up to be counted. In 2009 at Stamford Bridge, a group of players who had suffered a demoralising 3-1 defeat at home at Anfield two weeks previously showed a huge display of fight and determination. Though defeat eventually ensued, the Reds left European competition with their heads held high.

Throughout this era, the amount of times Rafa Benitez, analysts and supporters retorted that the side possessed “Immense character” was surreal. We went through a phase of a few months where, having gone behind, we displayed the fight to claw back victories.

Now though, as we enter 2010, the situation could hardly be more different.

Liverpool have won just one game after conceding the first goal all season. The kind of displays we became accustomed to have long disappeared, and have been replaced by displays of ineptitude, defeatism and emptiness. Players that once fought for every ball, chased everything down, have knew become far too relaxed. Take as an example, Fernando Torres. The forwards famed for his defending from the front has taken a more lackadaisical approach to his play, often letting defenders pass him by. Though arguably the squad's best player, the lethargy of his recent displays has been apparent for all to see.

 So, what's gone wrong? Why has a side brimming with vigour become suddenly engrossed in a whirlwind of listlessness?

Well, it boils down to a couple of major points.

One of which would be the utterly disheartening 2009/10 season. Despite the success of the previous year, we simply couldn't match it. After a few lacklustre early displays, confidence disappeared and we went back to the side of the late Houllier era, devoid of quality and desperate for a win from any source. It's safe to say that the abjectness and passionless performances from last season have followed in to this.

Add to this, the arrival of Roy Hodgson. A man who doesn't possess the social skills to gee up a child on Christmas Eve was hardly going to be the source to unify and inspire a squad of players in desperate need of a lift. His tactics consisted of “If you don't go forward you won't concede.” Hardly the way to reinvigorate a football club.

In addition, the signings of Paul Konchesky and Christian Poulsen did little to give supporters a much needed boost. Still run by Tom Hicks and George Gillet, fans accepted that no big names would be arriving, but were still, correctly, disappointed by the arrival of players the squad could have done without.

Even the arrival of new owners did little to aid the lack of passion within the club. The first performance John W. Henry and chums saw was a demoralising defeat to arch-rivals Everton, and little has improved since then.

If the problems surrounding the lack of urgency and presence in the team are so deep-rooted, is it at all possible for us to recapture what we had not so long ago?

Of course it is. And we're well on our way to doing it.

We've appointed one of biggest legends our club has as manager, Kenny Dalglish. A man who, despite not being officially affiliated with the club for nearly 20 years, is still a hero to Liverpool fans young and old all across the world. A man who knows the pride players must have in wearing the Liverpool shirt. I have no doubt that Kenny will ignite the fire in the belly of even the most timid players in the squad.

Furthermore, it's everyone's favourite time of year, the January transfer window. As the players themselves must be aware, some of them have been absolutely shite at times this season, and could be facing the Anfield exit door. I couldn't think of many things that should make a player up his desire to play for the club than the prospect of being shipped out to a lesser side on vastly inferior wages.

Oh, and there's the small matter of a derby game coming up on Sunday. Do you think we might be up for that one? On current form, this is one of the worst Liverpool sides of modern times, but if we have a go and the ground doesn't stop roaring, I have no doubt that we could twat this Blueshite everywhere.

When the whistle goes on Sunday everything needs to be forgotten. We need to unify around Kenny and the players out there. We need to sing our hearts for our football club. We need to win this derby.

Everton wives run for your lives.

© only 5 times Danny 2011

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