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Someone wake us up from this nightmare! PDF Print E-mail
Written by ian92   
Thursday, 06 January 2011
How the mighty have fallen, as Liverpool are now only five points from the bottom of the Premier League, a side that a couple of seasons ago were mounting their best title challenge since 1990.

Ever since Roy Hodgson was appointed we all knew he was going to be taking on a massive task, many questioned whether he was up to the task within the fanbase. Not the media, though. English, nice guy, LMA manager of the year, therefore, he should be good enough to take on a job at a very prestigous football club.

Not so. He was appointed by a sham of a board and ownership with the media opinion being used as a good excuse to relieve Hodgson's predecessor, Rafa Benitez, of his duties. We can only assume, on this basis, that Hodgson was appointed for similar reasons.

So, it's proof, that what you get from a lot of modern day sports journalists, is a lot of garbage. This is coming from a journalism student.

They still come back with other excuses to justify their appointment, yes I do mean the media, that Benitez left Hodgson with a squad that is under par despite having the biggest representation at the World Cup out of the Premier League sides. Granted, some of them may have played for 'smaller' nations but it surely proves that the squad is capable of being further up the table than where we are now?

They took advantage of Liverpool being in such a sorry state. It's what happens when the men in suits get hold of a football club, those that have little or no knowledge of the game and how to run the club properly.

Which is why it is so understandable the fans never really welcomed Hodgson with open arms to begin with. Some wanted rid of Benitez, however much I disagree with the decision I acknowledge that some wanted to see the back of him. But to appoint a man that has won nothing of note?

Ever since he came he has put his foot in it week after week when talking to the press including slagging off the fans and back-tracking on what he has said! I'm sure there are many more that he has done, but this is scratching the surface. Shocking signings and abject performances also stacks against him.

All this, from my point of view, has seen a dejected fanbase, that doesn't so much dream at the moment but is living in a nightmare.

The owners do need to act and they're in a hard place at the moment. The managerial situation needs to be carefully considered so we can build and challenge towards the top again, but if they leave it too long to act, then we're in serious trouble. One thing is for sure, Roy is not the right man for us!

Hopefully with a new appointment, it will rid us of another aspect of the legacy that Gillett and Hicks left us!

© ian92 2011

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