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Written by gramck24   
Thursday, 30 December 2010

Halfway through the season now and we're 3 points of the drop zone and 5 from being bottom. The last time we went into the second half of the season with this few amount of points on the board was the 53/54 season.

We were relegated that season.

For me there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Our highlights this season has come from a couple of wins in beating poor West Ham and Aston Villa sides. It's been fucking abject all season and make no bones about it, if we continue in a similar vein between now and the end of the season, this will be 53/54 all over again and we will be relegated.

Last night has forced FSGs hand. I genuinely believe that Hodgson was to be given until the end of the season. The hope being that he could somehow get us into a position of that no worse than last season, even if that is with the risk of losing a couple of our top players in the process. A kind of keep things ticking along or damage limitation if you prefer. This would bide FSG some time whilst they got their feet under the table, sort out bringing in a top class CEO and scouring globe to come up with the best managerial candidate to take the club forward long term.

What FSG haven't banked upon however was that Hodgson would be a complete and utter disaster for this club of the highest proportions. Well last night was straw that broke the camels back. Roy Hodgson's position became untenable last night with the crowds reaction at the end of another abysmal performance and his response after the match. Hodgson has now reached the point of no return in his criticism of the crowd in his post match interview.

FSG always had the ace card up their sleeve that they did not appoint Hodgson. That free pass came to an abrupt end last night when we lost at home to a side bottom of the league who had lost their last 7 away games on the spin.

So that poses the question... how much longer will FSG resist sacking this incompetent manager before it's too late? How many more abject performances like last night will we have to endure before they decide enough is enough?

I'm not sure what would be the right course of action after removing Hodgson from his position. Kenny put in temporay charge till the summer? Seek immediate advice from elsewhere to bring in a fresh face?

Whatever FSG decide, anything has surely got to be better than what we are suffering at minute and most certainly cannot be any worse.

So we implore you to do the right thing before it's too late and repeat that 53/54 season.

© gramck24 2010


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