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Written by only 5 times Danny   
Wednesday, 22 September 2010

In 2007 Liverpool Football Club was at a good point in its life.

We were into the latter stages of the Champions League under Rafael Benitez, and in the top 4 of the Premier League. Not the best, but getting there.....

Added to this, David Moores and Rick Parry were scouring the world for investment. Investment that was sorely needed. Challenging for the European places and domestic cups was all well and good, but not worth much without pushing on and acquiring that so far elusive Premier League crown.

And in the month of February, we got even more good news! Mr. Tom Hicks and Mr. George Gillett were to take over our football club. We’d have a spade in the ground of Stanley Park for our new stadium in 60 days, and would be chasing after big name players, rather than feeding off the scraps of others like we had done in previous years. And to top it all off, this would all be done with the money from our friendly American partners, not borrowed from banks like the Mancs down the road. Boss.

Just think, we were there not so long ago. We believed all that. We thought we were going back to where we were in the 70s and 80s. The top. The league title. More European Cups.

Could the situation now possibly be any more different than this dream we had?

Right now, I’m sat here typing this dreading every single news article that contains the phrase ‘Liverpool FC’. Why? Because all of them contain the words “Loan”, “Re-Financing” and “Debt”. Everyday we wake up to a story that says we’re closer and closer to plummeting into a chasm that we can never recover from, like an old tree ripped from its long-standing and proud roots by a hurricane into a swirl of pain and anguish, waiting to be thrown out into death.

3 years ago, could you imagine being part of a Union of supporters aiming to rid our club of its owners? Could you imagine sending hundreds upon hundreds of e-mails to banks imploring them not to plunge our club further into the black hole it is slowly being sucked into?

Could you imagine, as some of our own site members have put it recently, not being arsed by a defeat to the Mancs? 4 years ago we would have been devastated by a defeat at Old Trafford, but now we’ve been swallowed by a sea of depression that means we don’t care that much, as it’s of secondary importance.

And the end of September to the beginning of October is THE, not ‘one of’ or ‘possibly’, THE most important period in our club’s history. No matter what happens on the 6th of October our club will never ever be the same again.

We could be rescued. Chinese superheroes or heavenly Sheiks could fall down from paradise into the arms of our football club, spoiling it silly with a stadium, players, and most importantly, love.

Or, we could have to deal with more of the same old shit that we have done for 3 years. More, “The owners will be leaving”, more, “We are looking for buyers”, more, “Liverpool FC is in a safe situation.” More bullshit.

Can we let ourselves see that light at the end of the tunnel? That moment when you stick the tele on and see the story that the cancers killing our club have left? That moment when we see Purslow and Broughton leave the club we love? That moment when we can step back inside Anfield on a Saturday (if we can actually get any Saturday kick-offs) and be concentrated solely on the match ahead and result?

That reminds me, we’ve actually got a few games coming up you know? 5 fixtures that we simply have to win. Sunderland, Blackpool, Everton, Blackburn and Bolton should be dispatched with relative ease, as long as Roy and co. get things right.

But, as said, our upcoming fixtures against the smaller teams of the league are certainly not the reason why this is a pivotal month in Liverpool FC’s history.

We now have to hope that we get the result we all want, and we can be football fans again, not freedom fighters.

And what will happen if we continue as we are, and Hicks is given a re-financing? Results, performances, managers, players and fans will become so irrelevant, that they won’t exist any more.

© only 5 times Danny 2010


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