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The Spin Game shifts from Whitehall to Anfield ... PDF Print E-mail
Written by TurnstileB   
Wednesday, 13 January 2010

It is ironic in the week in which ‘spin’ has made all the headlines in political circles; the distortion of the truth at Anfield has gone into overdrive.......

It’s always nice to hear what we want to hear, and it can be easy to take things at face value. Campbell became a trusted lieutenant of Tony Blair’s not through his political beliefs or thinking but through his ability to seemingly tell everyone what they wanted to hear to deflect criticism from the Prime Minister. The now well oiled media machine at Anfield has cranked up in recent days can not be allowed to work its magic, nor should anything from the upper echelons of power be taken with any degree of legitimacy.

The baffling piece that appeared in the Mirror this week is a prime example. After Hicks Snr’s proclamation that the summer would be “big”, the Mirror back these claims by telling us that we are set to spend £25m on Bordeaux striker Marouane Chamakh. The Morrocan international incidentally is available to talk to any clubs outside France with a view to a free transfer, leaving whatever club will take the player’s contract on in July free from any transfer fee.
So where has the £25m figure come from? Well, as one would expect, a Bosman deal requires a bit more in wages in lieu of a transfer fee, and so the figure Dave Maddock gives us is £60,000 a week. Not too bad, especially when you consider the costly wages of Messrs Dossena and Voronin are now off the wage bill.

This however leaves the magical £25m figure £12m short. £12m we are supposed to believe is being given to Chamakh as a signing on fee. Considering Bordeaux were looking for £10m from Arsenal in the summer, do the Anfield board members no doubt peddling this crap expect us to ease the pressure upon them and merely think all will be okay because we’re splashing out big this summer?

It could of course be the Mirror taking a leaf out of their former employee Campbell’s book and not allowing the truth to get in the way of a good story, but every story regardless of truth, heralding a summer transfer spree will give some false hope and the hierarchy undeserved time.

Meanwhile the ‘Champion of the people’ gives Christian Purslow more space to inform us that new investors into the club would be here within months: whilst not quite as gushing as the interview he gave to the Echo in September he still sticks to the mantra that everything is okay, and glancing over comments on forums and on the Echo page, do a few fancy words of comfort really reassure people that a business model killing our club is in anyway part of a long term positive plan? You would think not.

Another batch of business terms and media bullshit to file with Snoogy Doogy, the spade in the Stanley Park ground in 60 days, magical transfer fees, promise not to "do a Glazer" and apparently non-existent expenses claims.

The times has long gone for giving Hicks and Gillett “a chance” or taking anything that comes out of their mouths – or mouthpieces, let’s not forget Ayres or Purslow – as gospel. In fact, let’s take everything that comes out of the American camp as exactly what it is: a desperate attempt to stem the tide of pundits and even Reds who were previously sitting on the fence turning against them.

With every transfer window passing with the manager having a fight on his hands to even buy in the same way he’s sold, the numbers vocally supporting the fight to oust Hicks and Gillett is growing. Figures like the £25m plucked out of thin air and mysterious foreign investors waiting in the wings with deep pockets are designed to appease the floating voters so to speak. Reds must look at the evidence from the past three years rather than the pipe dream of money being invested to keep up with Manchester City and Aston Villa.

While the media will no doubt link us with the Silvas, Villas and Gourcuffs of World football in light of Hicks’ bold statement on Sunday, we all know our realistic targets are keeping hold of Gerrard and Torres. That fact could not be accused of ‘sexing up’ the problems at Anfield – as Rafa would say, these are facts, and facts that no amount of bullshit from across the Atlantic should be allowed to hide.

 © TurnstileB 2010


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