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Bascombe's "defection". Discuss or mind our own business? PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter Evo   
Monday, 03 September 2007
Chris has kicked up a storm by leaving the Echo for the News Of The World. Is it a point for discussion or nothing to do with us?


Chris Bascombe. Liverpool Echo journalist, local lad, self-proclaimed Liverpool supporter and self-expressed Sun hater has "defected" to the News Of The World provoking much discussion and bile on several independent LFC Forums. Most of us have met have met Chris Bascombe on our jaunts at home and abroad. Chris has always come across as a decent bloke and top Red so maybe some of the names he's being called might seem a bit out of order. The boycott of the Sun by Liverpool supporters should stay in place for ever, we all know that. We all know also that some twats, even aware of the history of the Sun and Liverpool FC supporters, do not observe it. The News Of The World, being the sister paper of the Sun, is effectively the Sunday Sun and as such, in my opinion, should also be boycotted. Yes, since Hillsborough, Mark Wright, Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard have all written columns for or had books serialised in the News Of  The World. If you want to call them twats for doing so that's fine by me. Apparently little Mikey sought the "permission" of the HFSG before going ahead and doing it. In my opinion he shouldn't have even given it a thought never mind discussed it with anyone. There is also however another train of thought being expressed on the Forums that if you fall out with somebody you needn't necessarily fall out with their sibling. Okay, valid point maybe but we are talking of a very emotive subject here.


Wright, Owen , Gerrard and now Bascombe are symptomatic of the hard nosed businesses that football and journalism have become in the early 21st Century. Values, principles and morals count for nothing now it seems and the aforementioned "traitors" are joined by the likes of Rooney, Campbell, Cole and a host of others. On the other side of the coin were we moaning when Evertonians were up in arms when Barmby joined us? If we are totally honest we were made up that it wound them up so much. Barmby left Everton to better himself and quite clearly did. The sadness rather than bile that greeted Peter Beardsley's move across the park was born of the knowledge that Quasi didn’t really want to leave as he still had loads of good years in him and was just a monumental cock up by a manager sadly deluded that he was actually good at the job.


Most of the aforementioned left to better themselves professionally. They couldn't have left for purely monetary reasons as I'm sure they were all wealthy enough to have far too much money to spend in the rest of their lives anyway. To my mind Owen and Gerrard at least did it for the money even though they fall comfortably into the category of not needing any more money for the rest of their lives. Some people are just plain greedy. Was Bascombe greedy? Was Bascombe doing it to better himself professionally? To attempt to answer the first - it's been said on the various Forums that Chris was on quite good money at the Echo and could have lived fairly comfortably without "selling his soul" to NOTW. I'm not sure whether that's true or not but I wouldn't have thought he was in the wage bracket where he could have thought about buying Briars Hall. As for bettering himself professionally - well we can all see that leaving a regional newspaper for a national is quite clearly bettering himself professionally. It's the choice of where Chris (seen as one of our own by many Reds) went that is causing so much angst.


Chris is a good journalist, most Reds are agreed on that, and has written many flattering pieces about Liverpool fans, but if he is that good a journalist, or at least if he BELIEVES he is, why not have waited for another newspaper to either come along or wilted under the pressure of him knocking down their door?


Chris’s view might be, and we won’t know unless (and he doesn’t have to) he comes out with a public statement, that if you were offered a much better, more highly paid job at Manchester United, Chelsea or Everton you would take it like a shot. Well, that’s as maybe Chris but for those of us who are lucky to have jobs at all they are mostly either low or averagely paid so the attraction would be there but not our soul. Yes Chris, overall, in my opinion, you have sold yours. Not calling you any names for it, just saying with the knowledge you have of the history, you have, most definitely sold your soul. If you were going to almost any other newspaper I and every other Red would wish you well but I make no apologies for not doing so. welcomes Chris Bascombe to reply to this article.


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